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Assateague cruise & kayaking to see wild horses at this beautiful destination in Virginia. Explore the best areas of Assateague with us on these unforgettable expeditions. Our nature cruise or kayak trips to Assateague make your visit to Assateague the trip of a lifetime.


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Visit Assateague and see the best areas for pony watching, bird watching and dolphin watching with Assateague Explorer. Join our scenic cruises and kayaking adventures to discover a hidden treasure perfect for your family. Discover pristine places only accessible by boat. This is your chance to experience awesome areas where wild ponies live along Assateague. Our fully narrated Assateague cruise, kayak and bike tours take you to explore the best areas. Great for horse lovers who enjoy watching horses, birders who love birdwatching, families that love dolphins and anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Your family stays together on our tour boat, we don't separate your family on different boats.

Closest dock to Assateague. Enjoy Assateague the entire time, no need to sail from the other side of Chincoteague to get here. Our dock is right in front of the Assateague lighthouse.

“We leave from the best location”. Our Assateague cruise, kayak tours & kayak rentals depart from the Assateague Nature Centre, located at the most convenient, safe and sheltered part of Chincoteague Island. Our dock is close to and directly behind Assateague on its protected Assateague Channel with the best access. We do not have to sail from the other side of Chincoteague Island to reach the park. Travel along Assateague the entire duration, for your best chance to see wild horses & other wildlife that can appear at anytime along the wildlife refuge. We have the best access to both the Southern herd & North herd of wild horses in Virginia. Our departure spot puts us in the perfect position to search for various herds of wild ponies along Assateague Island in different areas. By leaving from this location, we spend time in the most productive areas to see herds of wild horses and wildlife along the refuge. Enjoy scenic views of the Assateague Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge from our dock at the Assateague Nature Centre, then explore the sheltered waterways along the backside of Assateague.

Visit Chincoteague, Virginia during your vacation to Ocean City, Maryland, Virginia Beach or Washington D.C. Assateague Explorer nature cruises and kayak trips to Assateague make your visit to Assateague the trip of a lifetime. We are located just 1 hour south of Ocean City, Maryland at the Assateague Nature Centre in Chincoteague, Virginia. Explore the wonders and beauty that make this area in Virginia so special. Our Assateague cruises, kayak tours & kayak rentals are great for experiencing wild ponies and Assateague. We love sharing Assateague's ponies and natural resources with the world. Relax and take in the spectacular scenery. Each day offers unique memories. There are many places to stay and eat nearby the National Park, beach and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Assateague and Chincoteague are different from any other destination in Virginia. Reserve Now Online or call us at 757-336-5956 for your vacation adventure.

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Kayaking: April - October
Cruises: May 10 - September 30, 2014
(7 days a week. Call for off season availability.)
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