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 Assateague Island Art in Your Home

Visiting Assateague Island is a moment for you to remember. Add local art by Capt. Mark and enhance the beauty of your home or office. Mark’s best-selling award winning nature photography has captured the area exquisitely. Free shipping on prints you purchase now.  

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The islands of Chincoteague and Assateague are where Capt. Mark grew up with the wild ponies. Capt. Mark has captured photos of wild ponies on the Assateague Explorer Nature Tours since 2001. He has the most unique photographs of the wild ponies you will ever see. He’s spent more time photographing the wild ponies of Assateague than anyone on Earth, because he has been out doing the Assateague tour for over 20 years. Many days he’s out on the tour all day long.  

We enjoy seeing you capture photos on the nature tour here in Virginia. If you have any questions about nature photography, Capt. Mark is often there to help you during the tour. Assateague Island is an amazing coastal landscape that includes wildlife and wild horses, subject matter that can make your home interesting. You will be inspired by these natural wonders on your vacation.

Visit Captain Mark’s website and browse more of his nature photography. Captain Mark’s images are the perfect gift for your wall.